Eureeka Ventures
We are or have been involved with a broad range of businesses, from seed start-up to medium-size companies, in a variety of industries, including Small and Medium size Businesses, Professional Services, Enterprise Software, Consumer, Technology and Software companies.

Some of our customers:


Industry: Social Media and Digital content

This is your Flipboard. It’s your personalized, social magazine

Tealeaf's customer experience management (CEM) solutions empower companies to optimize ebusiness by eliminating the obstacles that block successful conversions or completion of business processes.

Lucid Imagination

Industry: Open Source full text search

Delivers needed information using the fastest, most robust and accurate full text search capabilities available, and at a far lower cost than commercial enterprise search engines.


Industry: Open Source adoption and enablement

Leading global provider of strategy, products and services for enabling enterprise scale adoption of open source software (OSS).

Catherine Store

Industry: Wine & Liquor

Roaring Fork Valley's premier wine and liquor store located in Carbondale, just outside Aspen.


Industry: Content delivery to mobile devices

Penthera Virtuoso (TM) is a managed service that delivers perfect-quality video and web content to a broad range of mobile phones and PDAs, where the handset behaves like a DVR.


Industry: Next generation USB Flash Drives and Consumer

U3 is now part of Sandisk.

PassMark Authentication Security Inc.

Industry: Security and Consumer Ecommerce

PassMark is now owned by RSA.